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SET 36 Rock Bar Rocks glasses cl.27

Each package contains 1 pieces/set

SET 36 Rock Bar Rocks glasses
27 cl - 9 1/4 oz
h 92,5 mm - 3 3/4"
Ø 84 mm - 3 1/4"
This glass is part of the unmistakable Rock Bar Lounge series. Developed specifically for barmen, it includes perfect solutions to serve all types of cocktails, long drinks and desserts. This model, which has a capacity of 27 cl, has been designed for serving plain, sparkling or tonic water, but is also suitable for juices, fruit juices and soft drinks. The design winks at the past thanks to the decoration that embellishes the base of the glass, which widens on the edge; the model is also available in delicate pastel shades that further embellish the table. Like the other glasses in the collection, this model is made of tempered glass: practical and resistant, it is dishwasher safe, perfectly stackable and space-saving.

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