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Ice crusher V90 smooth

Each package contains 1 pieces/set

Ice crusher V90 smooth
The first vertical icebreaker designed for the professional sector.
The patented crushing system allows to break 2 kg of ice per minute, therefore it can be used for single cocktails directly in the glass or to prepare ice useful for a few hours of work. The stainless steel blade block and the remarkable torque of the powerful gearmotor with bronze gear, are able to crush ice cubes in the right size in a few seconds for the preparation of crushed cocktails such as Caipirinha or Mojito.
Light alloy structure and stainless steel container. V90 is safe and reliable.
One cocktail at a time or a productivity of 120 kg / h. V90 allows you to work in the most comfortable way depending on the time of day, serving the customer instantly or preparing the crushed ice first.
In addition to ensuring safety for those who work, the automatic shutdown system invented by Ceado allows you to work quickly in optimal conditions.

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