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Gravity slicer blade cm. 25

Each package contains 1 pieces/set

Gravity slicer with blade cm. 25, a line for domestic use with reduced dimensions
Total size: cm. 40,5x58x37h
Weight Kg. 14
Single-phase ventilated motor HP 0.25
Blade cm. 25
Blade revolutions per minute: 300
Cutting thickness mm. 0-15
Useful cut: cm. 19x19h
Made of aluminum alloy, anodically treated, they are easy to clean. The cutting thickness regulator from 0 to 16 mm is very sensitive and allows a decimal adjustment. The easy-to-assemble sharpener simplifies the user's work while maintaining the perfect cut efficiently. The plate mounted on ball bearings has exceptional smoothness and allows you to cut heavy cured meats, roasts, cheeses, fish, tough meats and more.

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