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Fork dough mixer FOR 35T

Each package contains 1 pieces/set

Fork dough mixer FOR 35T
dough capacity 35 Kg
flour capacity 23 Kg
bowl capacity 40 Lt
engine power Kw 1,1 - Volt 400/50/3
dimensions 88x59x89 cm
weight 145 Kg
The kneader For series fork is particularly suitable both for working of delicate doughs for pizza and breaddoughs .Thanks to the particular shape of the tool and of the tank , it is possible to obtain mixtures with non-heated and well oxygenated , for a high quality final product. Bath, fork and shaft tool holder in stainless steel. Protection of the tank made of transparent polycarbonate. Transmission with V-belts and gears, rotating parts mounted on ball bearings made of thick steel frame Electrical system and safety devices in compliance to EC regulations.

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