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Electric hands dryer ECO – JET Dry Max UV

Electric hands dryer ECO – JET Dry Max UV
Available colors:
white, chrome, black
made in Italy of new generation, super-fast and with high energy efficiency. Slim and compact design, less than 10cm deep.
Absolute innovation to guarantee maximum hygiene, with integrated action of UV-C lamp and ANTI-COVID tested filter as standard equipment.
The adjustment of the air speed and noise makes it extremely versatile and suitable for installation in any context, even where silence is a fundamental requirement.
Adjustable electrical resistance.
Energy-saving model with maximum absorption 1000W: thanks to the adjustable ON-OFF resistance, it offers great comfort when turned on and maximum flexibility in spring/summer, in which it can be turned off by reducing consumption to just 500W without affecting the air flow and without sacrificing the comfort of heat (the air gradually warms up as it passes through the engine).
Voltage 220-240 V - Frequency 50-60 Hz - Total absorption 225 - 1000 W - Dimensions (H x W x D) 280 x 180 x 97 mm

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