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Comfort Pro Hair Dryer White

Each package contains 1 pieces/set

Comfort Pro Hair Dryer White
Hair dryer for hotels and all contexts dedicated to hospitality (B&B, residences, etc.)
Top of the range among hair dryers dedicated to hotels, it has 3 settings for air speed and temperature, with a maximum absorption of 1800W. It is activated by holding down the power button, preventing it from being left in the room on and unattended.
Use and maintenance in maximum safety thanks to the safety thermostat with which the hairdryer is equipped and the on-off switch located on the wall base. The chrome details on the hair dryer and on the wall base give this hair dryer a superior aesthetic
3 speeds - max 1800 W - 220-240 V - 50-60 Hz
Dimension: 220 x 250 x 140 mm - 0.850 Kg

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Package price € 33,50 + VAT TAX
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